Will A Honda 2200 Generator Run A RV Air Conditioner?

A Honda 2200 generator can potentially power an RV air conditioner. The capacity of the generator and the specific demands of the air conditioner determine if they’re compatible.

Ever wondered if the Honda 2200 generator could power your RV’s air conditioner. Picture this: the scorching sun beats down as you long for a cool escape inside your RV. But will a Honda 2200 generator run an RV air conditioner and save the day?

A Honda 2200 generator is known for its portability and quiet operation, making it a popular choice for RV owners. Not all RV air conditioners may be compatible due to varying power requirements. Matching the generator’s output with the air conditioner’s needs is crucial for successful operation.

The Relationship Between an Air Conditioner and a Generator

When you’re out on the road in your RV, comfort is a top priority. An essential component of that comfort is your RV’s air conditioner. Powering an air conditioner in your RV can be a challenge, especially when you’re off the grid. This is where generators like the Honda 2200 come into play.

To understand the relationship between an air conditioner and a generator, it’s crucial to know the power requirements of your RV’s AC unit. RV air conditioners can consume a significant amount of power, and not all generators are up to the task. In this article, we’ll explore how to get a 2000-watt generator like the Honda 2200 to power your RV air conditioner effectively.

How Many Watts Does an RV Air Conditioner Use?

To determine if a Honda 2200 generator can run your RV’s air conditioner, you need to know how many watts the AC unit requires. On average, most RV air conditioners use between 1,200 and 2,500 watts. The exact power consumption can vary based on factors like the AC unit’s size and the outside temperature.

To get a more accurate reading, check the AC unit’s specifications in your RV’s manual or on a label inside the unit itself. Once you know the power requirements, you can decide if a 2000-watt generator like the Honda 2200 is sufficient or if you need a more powerful generator.

How to Get a 2000-Watt Generator Like the Honda 2200 to Power Your RV Air Conditioner?

How to Get a 2000-Watt Generator Like the Honda 2200 to Power Your RV Air Conditioner?

Now that you’ve determined the power requirements of your RV air conditioner, it’s time to assess the compatibility of your existing generator or consider acquiring a 2000-watt generator like the Honda 2200. The Honda 2200 is a popular choice for RVers because it offers a stable power supply and is relatively quiet. 

Eco Mode off & RV refrigerator in gas mode

Turn off Eco Mode on the generator and set the RV refrigerator to gas mode for better power supply when running the air conditioner in your RV using a 2000-watt generator like the Honda 2000.

Eco Mode on & RV refrigerator in auto mode

When Eco Mode is on and your RV refrigerator is set to auto mode, it conserves energy efficiently, adapting the power usage based on the necessity of the appliances, optimizing your resources for a more eco-friendly and practical camping experience.

What to Do to Get the Most Out of the Generator While Running Your Air Conditioner

When you want to run your RV air conditioner on a 30 amp generator, there are a few important things to consider. Running your RV air conditioner on a generator involves more than just meeting the minimum power requirements. To get the most out of your generator while keeping your RV cool, follow these tips:

Efficient Maintenance: Ensure your generator is well-maintained. Clean or replace air filters regularly and keep the oil level topped up to maximise its efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Appliances: Consider using energy-efficient appliances, including LED lights and high-efficiency fans, to reduce overall power consumption while the air conditioner is running.

Proper Sizing: Choose a generator that is appropriately sized for your RV’s needs. Oversizing can lead to fuel wastage, while undersizing may cause overloading and inefficiency.

Load Management: When running your air conditioner, avoid simultaneously using high-power appliances like microwaves or electric heaters to prevent overloading the generator.

RV Air Conditioner Power Requirements

To give you a clear understanding of typical RV air conditioner power requirements, here’s a table summarizing the wattage needed for different AC units:

RV Air Conditioner TypePower Consumption (Watts)
Small (8,000 BTU)1,200 – 1,500
Medium (13,500 BTU)1,800 – 2,200
Large (15,000 BTU)2,000 – 2,500
High-Efficiency (15,000 BTU)1,500 – 2,000

Testing Compatibility Honda 2200 and RV AC

Before hitting the road, it’s essential to test the compatibility between your Honda 2200 generator and your RV’s air conditioner. Start by making sure your generator is in good working condition and that it can deliver the required wattage. Run a test with your air conditioner to ensure it starts up smoothly and runs without overloading the generator.

You may need to switch off other power-hungry devices during this test to prevent overloading. If the generator can handle your AC unit’s power requirements without issues, you’re good to go.If you encounter problems, consider getting a more robust generator or reducing the load on the generator by using fewer appliances when the air conditioner is running.

Optimising Your RV Power Setup

To optimize your RV power setup for running your air conditioner, keep the following in mind:

Invest in an Energy Management System (EMS): An EMS can help balance the power load and prioritize essential appliances when running your air conditioner to prevent overloading.

Use Extension Cords Sparingly: Lengthy extension cords can lead to power losses. Keep your RV close to the generator to minimize cable lengths.

Park Strategically: Park your RV in the shade or use reflective materials to reduce the heat load on your air conditioner, making it run more efficiently.

Consider Solar Panels: Supplement your generator power with solar panels to reduce fuel consumption and run your air conditioner during the day with minimal generator use.


Can I run my RV air conditioner with a Honda 2200 generator?

Yes, if your RV air conditioner’s power requirements match or are below the generator’s rated output.

Is it safe to use a 2000-watt generator like the Honda 2200 for my RV air conditioner?

Yes, the Honda 2200 is designed to provide stable power for RV air conditioners.

What if my generator struggles to start my air conditioner?

Consider reducing the load on the generator by turning off other power-hungry devices or upgrading to a more powerful generator.

Are there any tips to improve the efficiency of running my RV air conditioner on a generator?

Yes, maintain your generator, use energy-efficient appliances, properly size your generator, and manage the load while the air conditioner is running.


In the world of RVing, the partnership between your air conditioner and a reliable generator like the Honda 2200 is a crucial one. It’s all about ensuring comfort and convenience on your journeys. By understanding the power requirements of your RV’s AC unit and choosing a generator that meets or exceeds those needs, you can keep cool no matter where you travel. 

Remember, it’s not just about the generator’s power output, but also about how you maintain it and manage your energy usage. With the right setup, you can hit the road confidently, knowing that your Honda 2200 can handle the challenge of running your RV air conditioner, making your adventures all the more enjoyable.

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