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In a world where art often confines itself to static canvases and sculptures, Meow Wolf dares to push the boundaries of creativity, offering multi-sensory, enveloping artworks that transcend the traditional gallery experience. 

These immersive multimedia installations have taken the art world by storm, captivating audiences with their unique blend of sculpture, light, sound, and intricate storylines.

Our Ratings of Every Open Meow Wolf

Before delving into the mesmerizing worlds of Meow Wolf, let’s whet your appetite with a sneak peek at our ratings of their current offerings across the United States. Brace yourself for a captivating journey that will leave you craving more.

What is Meow Wolf?

Imagine stepping through an unassuming doorway and finding yourself transported to a surreal, neon-drenched dreamscape where reality bends and boundaries dissolve. 

This is the essence of a Meow Wolf experience – a 4D interactive art exhibition that seamlessly blends sculpture, light, sound, and narratives into an immersive wonderland.

These artist-centric creations are akin to walking through the pages of a vivid, multi-dimensional storybook, where every room unveils a new chapter brimming with surprises and hidden Easter eggs waiting to be discovered. 

It’s like stumbling upon a real-life manifestation of the whimsical world portrayed in the movie Labyrinth, complete with mind-bending twists and turns that leave you questioning the very fabric of reality.

Meow Wolf History

Meow Wolf History

The origins of Meow Wolf can be traced back to 2008 when it first emerged as an artist collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

It wasn’t until 2016 that their flagship permanent installation, the “House of Eternal Return,” opened its doors, igniting a firestorm of rave reviews and drawing visitors from around the globe.

Inspired by a 2012 project where artists collaborated with local students to create whimsical and satirical food products, the “Omega Mart” in Las Vegas took shape, further fueling Meow Wolf’s reputation for pushing creative boundaries.

Due to the overwhelming success of the Santa Fe installation and the positive impact it had on the local community, it wasn’t long before rumors began circulating about new Meow Wolf locations in other cities. 

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, two additional exhibits opened in 2021, followed by the Grapevine (Dallas) and Houston locations in 2023 and 2024, respectively, with a newly announced installation planned for Los Angeles.

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Meow Wolf Tips

To fully immerse yourself in the Meow Wolf experience, here are some insider tips to enhance your visit:

  • Plan for at least 2 hours inside each exhibit to explore the intricate details thoroughly.
  • Conveniently, there are bars and restaurants located near the entrances of most Meow Wolf locations, so you can fuel up before or after your journey.
  • Avoid crowds by visiting on weekdays (Monday through Wednesday) and earlier in the day.
  • Check for “adult-iverse” nights if you prefer an experience without children.
  • On your first visit, skip the pass card and simply enjoy the show for what it is. Consider getting the pass card on subsequent visits to unlock additional content.
  • Remember, if you see a door handle, try it! You never know what hidden realms it might unveil. Sometimes, doors don’t even look like doors, so keep your eyes peeled for surprises.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe (the OG) Review

House of Eternal Return


  • Opened in 2016 as the first permanent Meow Wolf exhibit
  • Spans 20,000 sq ft with over 70 rooms of twists and turns
  • Features a bar and seating area inside the entrance, as well as a 400-person music venue called Fancy Town

Storyline: A family mysteriously disappears into the ether while conducting scientific experiments to contact the dead. It seems they discovered an “anomaly” that can tear the fabric of space-time, which now permeates their home. The government appears to be involved in a coverup of the events.

Review: Prepare to be utterly captivated as you enter the “House of Eternal Return.” From the moment you step inside, you’ll find yourself transported to realms far beyond the confines of the ordinary. 

The attention to detail is remarkable, with each room a meticulously crafted masterpiece that seamlessly blends into the next. What makes this experience truly extraordinary is the way it defies expectations at every turn. 

Unassuming closet doors lead to magical realms, spiral staircases beckon you upwards to a whimsical tree fort, and the line between reality and fantasy blurs in the most delightful ways imaginable.

Meow Wolf Las Vegas Review

Meow Wolf Las Vegas Review

Omega Mart


  • Opened in January 2021 inside the Area 15 entertainment complex
  • Spans 52,000 sq ft with a maze of 60 rooms
  • Features a parody supermarket as the entrance, leading to the immersive storyline
  • Includes a bar serving themed drinks

Storyline: The sketchy owners of a megacorporation stumble upon an inter-dimensional power they call “the source,” which they exploit to create and sell strange, dystopian food products. There’s a nefarious conspiracy brewing in the background, and visitors can collect clues to uncover the truth.

Review: The genius of Omega Mart lies in its brilliant use of a supermarket as the gateway to a mind-bending narrative. From the moment you step into the satirical grocery store, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the extraordinary attention to detail. 

You’ll spend ample time simply exploring the aisles and absorbing the clever parodies of everyday products. As you delve deeper into the installation, you’ll encounter a captivating blend of interactive light and sound shows, complemented by thought-provoking art spaces that invite you to unravel the mystery at hand. 

While the focus on storytelling is strong, with many rooms dedicated to laboratories or computer stations, the overall experience remains delightfully immersive and engaging.

Meow Wolf Denver Review

Convergence Station


  • Opened in September 2021
  • The largest Meow Wolf to date, spanning 90,000 sq ft with 80 rooms across 4 floors
  • Unique location wedged between two major highways
  • Includes a mini cafeteria-style restaurant and a music venue called The Perplexiplex

Storyline: A mysterious cosmic event has caused various distant worlds to converge, possibly containing the soul of an alien. 

Convergence Station serves as a multi-dimensional meeting place at the center of this mashup, with the Quantum Department of Transportation providing a portal connecting Earth to these new worlds.

Review: As a fan of dystopian cityscapes in movies, I was immediately captivated by the main room, “Convergence Station,” and the way it seamlessly connects to the various worlds woven into the storyline. 

The grand installations, such as the breathtaking space cathedral and the enchanting tree house world, evoke a sense of awe reminiscent of the original Santa Fe experience, but on a grander scale.

Despite its massive footprint, Denver’s Meow Wolf retains the intimate surprises and attention to detail that make these installations so special. 

With each turn, you’ll find yourself stumbling upon hidden gems and intricate artistic visions that transport you to entirely new realms of imagination.

Meow Wolf Grapevine/Dallas Review

Meow Wolf Grapevine/Dallas Review

The Real Unreal


  • Opened in July 2023 in a former Bed Bath & Beyond store, spanning 30,000 sq ft with 30 rooms
  • Massive lobby features a cafe with snacks and drinks by Texas-based makers, as well as a gift shop
  • Includes a 300-person music venue called The Neon Kingdom

Storyline: When a child in a suburban neighborhood suddenly goes missing from his home, his family begins to wonder if his imaginary friend is not as imaginary as they thought. 

This house, which has sheltered three generations, seems extraordinary in a literal sense, possibly swallowing its inhabitants and portaling them to another time and place.

Review: For those familiar with the original “House of Eternal Return” in Santa Fe, the “Real Unreal” in Grapevine will feel like a nostalgic trip down memory lane. 

Some of the best elements from the flagship installation make an appearance here, serving as an affectionate nod from the creators to their roots.

While the familiarity is comforting, it also leaves a lingering desire for something entirely new and different. The classic Meow Wolf tricks, though tried and true, can feel like revisiting a favorite book rather than discovering an entirely alien world for the first time.

That said, for those who haven’t experienced the Santa Fe original in a while, or are new to the Meow Wolf universe altogether, the “Real Unreal” in Grapevine offers a delightful entry point.

The captivating storyline, coupled with the enchanting blend of whimsy and intrigue that Meow Wolf is known for, ensures a thoroughly enjoyable and immersive art experience.

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Meow Wolf Complete Ratings

Now that we’ve explored the mesmerizing worlds of Meow Wolf, it’s time to unveil our definitive rankings of these awe-inspiring art spaces:

#1 Meow Wolf Santa Fe

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia factor, or simply the fact that it was our first encounter with the Meow Wolf universe, but the original “House of Eternal Return” in Santa Fe remains our top pick. The insane attention to detail and the abundance of hidden Easter eggs scattered throughout the installation are unrivaled.

Having had the benefit of continuous growth and refinement since its inception in 2016, Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf has had ample time to perfect the art of transporting visitors to realms beyond their wildest imaginings. 

After experiencing this captivating world, you’ll forever view ordinary household appliances with a hint of suspicion, wondering if they might lead to an inter-dimensional portal (if you know, you know).

#2 Meow Wolf Denver

Denver’s Convergence Station is a close second, masterfully maintaining the artist-centric, handmade feel that made us fall in love with the Santa Fe original. 

The interactivity here is truly next-level, with jaw-dropping light shows in the cathedral and ingenious robot seats that demand exploration.

One of our favorite aspects of the Santa Fe exhibit was a small alley meant to emulate a futuristic city, and in Denver, this concept is blown up into a central part of the overall show. 

The craftsmanship on display in these rooms and the sheer joy of seeing such imaginative concepts brought to life make this art exhibition an absolute must-visit.

#3 Meow Wolf Vegas

Let’s be clear – we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Omega Mart in Las Vegas. However, we both felt that this particular immersive experience leaned more heavily into storytelling and interactivity, at times sacrificing the handmade, artist-driven feel that we so cherished in the other locations.

That said, the sheer brilliance and cynicism of the dystopian grocery store entrance alone make Omega Mart a standout creative experience

Stepping into this satirical realm is akin to being transported into the world of the movie “Idiocracy,” and we couldn’t get enough of the clever parodies and biting social commentary woven throughout.

#4 Meow Wolf Grapevine/Dallas

Meow Wolf Grapevine/Dallas

Ranking the Real Unreal in Grapevine last is a complicated decision, and one that doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the art exhibit itself. 

In many ways, it’s a beautiful throwback to the Santa Fe original, an affectionate homage that will delight longtime Meow Wolf fans.

It’s that very familiarity that ultimately holds it back from reaching the heights of its predecessors. While the Santa Fe installation has been actively improved, added to, and altered over the course of eight years, gaining depth and texture in the process. 

Tables and Lists:

Here are some useful tables and lists related to Meow Wolf:

Table: Meow Wolf Locations At a Glance

LocationOpenedSizeNotable Features
Santa Fe, NM201620,000 sq ft, 70+ roomsBar, 400-person music venue
Las Vegas, NV202152,000 sq ft, 60 roomsOmega Mart entrance, themed bar
Denver, CO202190,000 sq ft, 80 roomsRestaurant, music venue
Grapevine, TX202330,000 sq ft, 30 roomsCafe, gift shop, music venue

List: Top Reasons to Visit Meow Wolf

  1. Immerse yourself in surreal, mind-bending artscapes
  2. Explore intricate, handcrafted installations by local artists
  3. Unravel captivating storylines woven throughout each exhibit
  4. Discover hidden surprises and interactive elements around every corner
  5. Experience a seamless blend of sculpture, light, sound, and imagination
  6. Create lasting memories in these one-of-a-kind participatory art environments

Case Study: Impact of Meow Wolf on Local Communities

Meow Wolf’s presence has had a profound impact on the local communities where its exhibitions are housed. In Santa Fe, the flagship installation is credited with revitalizing the city’s art scene and attracting a surge of tourism, generating millions in economic activity.

Similarly, the opening of Convergence Station in Denver has been hailed as a game-changer for the city’s art and culture landscape, with the massive exhibition drawing visitors from far and wide and providing employment opportunities for local artists and creatives.

These engaging experiences not only offer a glimpse into the boundless potential of human creativity but also serve as catalysts for growth and development in the cities they call home.

Final Note on Our Meow Wolf Reviews:

Meow Wolf is THE best immersive art experience in the US. These intricate and bizarre artscapes makes those instagram museums look like your crayon drawings from kindergarten. It’s like if you could walk around in the real-life version of the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie.

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