What Size Jack Do I Need For My RV?

The size of the jack needed for your RV refers to the weight capacity and lifting height that the jack can handle. It’s essential to choose a jack that can safely support the weight of your RV, ensuring stability when parked.

Are you planning your next RV adventure and wondering, What size jack do I need for my RV? Well, you’re in the right place. The right jack size can make all the difference in leveling your RV safely and comfortably. Dive into this essential topic and find out what size jack will keep your RV on steady ground.

Choosing the right size jack for your RV involves determining its weight capacity and lifting height to ensure safe and stable leveling. The size of the jack you need depends on factors like your RV’s type, size, and specific leveling requirements.

Jacks for Different Types of RVs

Jacks are essential components of recreational vehicles (RVs) that provide stability and support when you park or level your RV. Different types of RVs may require different types of jacks to accommodate their specific design and size. Here’s an overview of jacks for different types of RVs:

Scissor Jacks: These are the most common type of jacks used for smaller RVs, such as travel trailers and lightweight campers. They are typically operated manually using a hand crank and are positioned at the four corners of the RV to provide stability when parked.

Stabilizer Jacks: Stabilizer jacks are designed to prevent the RV from rocking or swaying when you’re inside. They are commonly used on travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and smaller motorhomes. Stabilizer jacks are typically placed near the corners of the RV and can be manually or electrically operated.

Leveling Jacks: Leveling jacks are essential for larger and heavier RVs, including Class A and Class C motorhomes. These jacks are used to level the RV from side to side and front to back, ensuring a comfortable and stable living environment.

Hydraulic Jacks: Hydraulic jacks are commonly found on larger Class A motorhomes and some Class C models. They provide the strength and stability needed to lift and level heavy RVs. Hydraulic systems are often controlled electronically and can be adjusted to achieve precise leveling.

Electric Jacks: Some RVs, especially travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers, come equipped with electric jacks. These jacks are easier to operate than manual ones and are typically controlled with a switch or remote control. They are used for both stabilizing and leveling.

Slide-Out Jacks: RVs with slide-out rooms may have specialized jacks to support and stabilize the slide-outs when extended. These jacks ensure that the slide-outs are secure and level when you’re parked.

BIG RED Hydraulic 10 Ton Jack

The BIG RED Hydraulic 10 Ton Jack is a robust and powerful option for RV owners who prioritize stability and heavy-duty lifting. With a 10-ton weight capacity, it can handle even the largest RVs with ease. This hydraulic jack offers excellent lifting height, making it suitable for various leveling needs. 

Its sturdy construction ensures durability, providing peace of mind on the road. For RVers with large, heavy rigs, the BIG RED Hydraulic 10 Ton Jack is a reliable choice. Whether you need to change a tire or level your RV on uneven terrain, this jack’s impressive capacity and performance will get the job done efficiently.

3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack

If you have a mid-sized RV and are looking for a versatile jack that can handle a range of tasks, the 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack is a great option. With a 3-ton weight capacity, it strikes a balance between strength and portability. This floor jack is easy to manoeuvre and store, making it suitable for both occasional RVers and those who require a reliable jack for various maintenance tasks.

The 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack offers a decent lifting height, allowing you to perform routine maintenance or tire changes comfortably. Its compact design ensures it won’t take up too much storage space in your RV. This jack’s affordability and flexibility make it a popular choice among RV enthusiasts.

RV Scissor Jacks 5,000 lbs Capacity

RV Scissor Jacks 5,000 lbs Capacity

RV Scissor Jacks with a 5,000 lbs capacity are a common choice for many RV owners. These jacks are typically sold in pairs and are designed for stability and ease of use. They are easy to install and provide reliable support for leveling your RV. With a 5,000 lbs capacity, they are suitable for smaller to mid-sized RVs.

RV Scissor Jacks are particularly useful when you need to stabilize your RV while parked, ensuring that it stays level and secure. They are also a cost-effective option compared to hydraulic jacks. While they may not have the lifting height of larger jacks, they serve their purpose well and are a popular choice for RVers looking for a simple and effective leveling solution.

Stack Jacks 4 Pack Aluminium

For RV owners who want a lightweight and space-saving leveling solution, Stack Jacks made of aluminum are worth considering. These jacks come in a pack of four and are designed to be stacked on top of each other to achieve the desired height. While each jack may have a lower weight capacity, their combined strength is usually sufficient for smaller RVs.

Stack Jacks are easy to store and transport, making them ideal for RVers with limited storage space. They are primarily used for stabilizing the RV rather than lifting it for maintenance tasks. If you have a smaller RV and prioritize convenience and compactness, these aluminum stack jacks can be a practical choice.

How to Choose Jack Size?

Choosing the right jack size for your RV is crucial for ensuring safety and convenience during your travels. To determine the appropriate size, consider the following factors:

RV Weight: The first and most critical factor is your RV’s weight. You need a jack that can safely support your RV’s weight. Check your RV’s specifications or consult your owner’s manual to find this information.

Lifting Height: Consider the maximum height you’ll need to lift your RV. Some maintenance tasks or campsite leveling may require greater lifting heights than others. Ensure the jack you choose can reach the required height.

RV Type: The type of RV you own matters. Larger and heavier RVs require jacks with higher weight capacities, while smaller ones can make do with lighter jacks. Consider whether you have a motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or other RV types.

Intended Use: Determine how you plan to use the jack. Are you primarily looking for leveling and stability, or do you also need to lift your RV for maintenance tasks? Some jacks excel in stability, while others are designed for heavy lifting.

Budget: Your budget is a practical consideration. High-capacity hydraulic jacks tend to be more expensive, while scissor jacks and stack jacks are often more budget-friendly.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a table summarizing key data related to the jacks discussed in this article:

Jack TypeWeight CapacityLifting HeightSuitable RV TypesIdeal Use
BIG RED Hydraulic 10 Ton Jack10 tonsHighLarge and Heavy RVsHeavy-duty lifting and stability
3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack3 tonsModerateMid-sized RVsVersatile maintenance tasks
RV Scissor Jacks 5,000 lbs5,000 lbs (pair)ModerateSmaller to Mid-sized RVsStabilization
Stack Jacks 4 Pack AluminiumVariesLow to ModerateSmaller RVsCompact and lightweight option


How do I determine the right jack size for my RV?

To determine the right jack size, consider your RV’s weight, lifting height needs, type, intended use, and budget.

Are hydraulic jacks the best choice for all RVs?

Hydraulic jacks are best for larger and heavier RVs, but smaller RVs can often make do with more budget-friendly options like scissor or stack jacks.

Can I use stack jacks for heavy lifting tasks?

Stack jacks are primarily for stabilization, not heavy lifting. For heavy lifting, consider hydraulic or heavy-duty floor jacks.


In your quest to find the ideal jack size for your RV, you’ve explored a range of options, each catering to different needs and preferences. From the robust BIG RED Hydraulic 10 Ton Jack to the versatile 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack, and the practical RV Scissor Jacks and Stack Jacks, there’s a jack size to suit every RV owner’s requirements. 

Ultimately, the right choice depends on your specific RV type, weight, intended use, and budget. Remember, safety should always be your top priority when selecting a jack. By considering these factors and referring to the handy table we provided, you can confidently choose the perfect jack size for your RV adventures.

Whether you’re leveling your RV at a campsite, tackling maintenance tasks on the road, or considering the switch of your RV water heater from propane to electric, your choice of jack will ensure you’re well-prepared for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

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