Toyota Tacoma Pop Up Camper Guide: Models Tacomas Can Safely Tow

There’s something incredibly freeing about hitting the open road, leaving the hustle of daily life behind, and immersing yourself in nature’s grandeur. For many outdoor enthusiasts, the perfect blend of adventure and comfort lies in the realm of pop-up campers. These compact, lightweight trailers unfurl into cozy living spaces.

And when you pair a pop-up camper with the rugged capability of a Toyota Tacoma, you’ve got a winning combination for unforgettable camping excursions. Before you embark on your next journey, it’s crucial to ensure that your trusty Tacoma can safely tow the pop-up camper you have in mind. 

Overloading your vehicle can compromise handling, braking, and overall safety, putting a damper on your adventure before it even begins. Fear not, fellow wanderers! This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to choose the perfect pop-up camper for your Toyota Tacoma, allowing you to explore the great outdoors with confidence and peace of mind.

Toyota Tacoma Pop Up Camper Towing Capacity

Toyota Tacoma Pop Up Camper Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of your Toyota Tacoma is a critical factor in determining the suitable pop-up camper for your rig. Recent models of the Tacoma boast towing capacities ranging from a respectable 3,500 pounds for 4-cylinder engines or V6 models without a tow package.

The capacity goes all the way up to an impressive 6,400 pounds for V6 engines equipped with a tow package. It’s worth noting that exceeding your vehicle’s towing capacity can have severe consequences.

Imagine trying to tow a behemoth camper with your trusty Tacoma – it’d be like trying to pull a freight train with a toy truck. Not only would it strain your engine and transmission, but it could also compromise your ability to brake and maneuver safely. This puts you and your fellow adventurers at risk.

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Find Your Toyota Tacoma Pop Up Camper Towing Capacity

Determining your Tacoma’s specific towing capacity is as easy as cracking open the owner’s manual or utilizing handy online tools. These resources provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information tailored to your vehicle’s year, make, and model.

For instance, when I purchased my beloved 2017 Toyota Tacoma, the first thing I did was consult the owner’s manual. I wanted to ensure I wouldn’t be overreaching with my camper selection. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it’s the power to tow with confidence and safety.

Here are some helpful links to Toyota Tacoma owner’s manuals and online towing capacity tools:

Toyota Tacoma Owner’s Manuals:

  • 2024 Toyota Tacoma Owner’s Manual
  • 2023 Toyota Tacoma Owner’s Manual
  • 2022 Toyota Tacoma Owner’s Manual

Online Towing Capacity Tools:

  • Toyota’s Official Towing Capacity Calculator
  • Third-Party Towing Capacity Lookup Tool

What Trailer Weight Should You Consider?

What Trailer Weight Should You Consider?

When shopping for a pop-up camper, you’ll often encounter two critical weight measurements: dry weight and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Understanding the difference between these two figures is paramount in selecting the appropriate camper for your Toyota Tacoma.

The dry weight of a pop-up camper is the weight of the trailer itself, without any additional cargo, water, or gear loaded into it. Think of it as the baseline weight before you start packing for your adventure. On the other hand, the GVWR represents the maximum weight the camper can safely carry, including the trailer itself, all your gear, and any water or waste stored in the tanks.

So, what’s the ideal weight range for your Tacoma? As a general rule of thumb, your Toyota Tacoma should have a tow rating that meets or exceeds the dry weight of the pop-up camper you’re considering. This ensures that you’ll have some wiggle room to load up your camping essentials without pushing your vehicle beyond its limits.

However, if you plan on packing heavy or carrying substantial amounts of water and waste, it’s wise to lean more towards the GVWR when selecting your camper. By doing this, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re operating well within your Tacoma’s towing capabilities. Even when the trailer is loaded to the brim.

In my case, with a towing capacity of 6,400 pounds, I opted for an ALiner Expedition pop-up camper with a GVWR of 3,500 pounds. This decision allows me to load up my camper with all the gear and supplies my family needs. I don’t have to worry about exceeding my Tacoma’s towing limits.

What pop up campers can Toyota Tacomas tow?

What pop up campers can Toyota Tacomas tow?

Now that you understand the importance of towing capacity and trailer weight, it’s time to explore the vast array of pop-up campers compatible with your Toyota Tacoma. 

Buckle up, folks, because we’re about to dive into a comprehensive list of current models, complete with their weights, towing requirements, and compatibility with different Tacoma configurations.

BrandModelDry WeightGVWRTrailer BrakesV6 Tow Req.Sway Bar Req.Weight Distributed Hitch Req.
SylvansportTRAILOFT117 lbsNANoNoNoNo
TentraxOverlook500 lbs1800 lbsNoNoNoNo
TentraxAscend600 lbs1800 lbsNoNoNoNo
KamparooVacationer725 lbsNANoNoNoNo
KamparooTrans-Continental840 lbsNANoNoNoNo
SylvansportGO840 lbs1650 lbsNoNoNoNo
ChaletLTW900 lbs2000 lbsYesNoNoNo
KamparooCargo Utility1140 lbs1840 lbsOptionalNoNoNo
ALinerScout-Lite1180 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Taxa OutdoorsWoolyBear1270 lbs2100 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ALinerRanger 101300 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Off Grid TrailersSwitchback1300 lbs3500 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Taxa OutdoorsTigerMoth1310 lbs2200 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ALinerScout1395 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Taxa OutdoorsWoolyBear Overland1400 lbs2200 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Coachmen9.0TD : Clipper Express1587 lbs2172 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Viking9.0TD : Viking Express1587 lbs2172 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ALinerRanger 121450 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Taxa OutdoorsTigerMoth Overland1458 lbs2400 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ChaletAlpine1505 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ChaletArrowhead1585 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Coachmen860XLS1642 lbs2897 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Viking1706XLS : Viking LS1642 lbs2897 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Tribe TrailersBasecamp1654 lbs3307 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Off Grid TrailersExpedition 2.01700 lbs3500 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ALinerClassic1725 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ALinerLXE1795 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Taxa OutdoorsCricket1800 lbs2700 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Coachmen107LS : Clipper LS1801 lbs2938 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Viking2107LS1801 lbs2938 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Safari CondoR17131825 lbs2700 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ALinerExpedition1850 lbs3500 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Coachmen108ST1863 lbs2687 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Viking2108ST1863 lbs2687 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Safari CondoR17231867 lbs2700 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
Taxa OutdoorsCricket Overland1978 lbs3000 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ChaletXL-19201995 lbs3500 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
ChaletXL-19301995 lbs3500 lbsYesNoMaybeNo
RockwoodA122S2120 lbs3284 lbsYesNoYesNo
Coachmen12.0TD XL : Clipper Express2147 lbs3720 lbsYesMaybeYesNo
Viking12.0TD XL : Viking Express2147 lbs3720 lbsYesMaybeYesNo
ChaletXL-19352165 lbs3500 lbsYesNoYesNo
Rockwood1910ESP2199 lbs2904 lbsYesNoYesNo
Coachmen128LS : Clipper LS2204 lbs3223 lbsYesNoYesNo
Viking2308LS : Viking LS2221 lbs3223 lbsYesNoYesNo
Rockwood1940F2223 lbs3240 lbsYesNoYesNo
Coachmen12.0 TD MAX : Clipper Express2225 lbs3259 lbsYesNoYesNo
Viking12.0TD MAX : Viking Express2225 lbs3259 lbsYesNoYesNo
ALinerEvolution2300 lbs3500 lbsYesNoYesNo
OpusOP Lite Air Tent2380 lbs3527 lbsYesMaybeYesNo
Rockwood2318G2458 lbs3263 lbsYesNoYesNo
Rockwood2280BHESP2578 lbs3838 lbsYesMaybeYesNo
TrailManor2518 KB2580 lbs3300 lbsYesNoYesNo
V-TrecV22581 lbs3790 lbsYesMaybeYesNo
TrailManor2518 KS2600 lbs3220 lbsYesNoYesNo
TrailManor2518 KD2600 lbs3220 lbsYesNoYesNo
RockwoodA213HW2670 lbs3372 lbsYesNoYesNo
Rockwood2514F2673 lbs3295 lbsYesNoYesNo
RockwoodA214HW2700 lbs3353 lbsYesNoYesNo
V-TrecV42790 lbs3897 lbsYesMaybeYesNo
Coachmen1285SST : Clipper Classic2840 lbs3296 lbsYesNoYesNo
Viking2485SST : Viking Legend2840 lbs3296 lbsYesMaybeYesNo
Rockwood2318ESP2868 lbs3875 lbsYesMaybeYesNo
Rockwood232ESP2952 lbs3794 lbsYesMaybeYesNo

Test Drive a Pop Up Camper With Your Toyota Tacoma

Test Drive a Pop Up Camper With Your Toyota Tacoma

If you’re considering investing in a pop-up camper, ensuring it aligns with your needs is paramount. Personally, I aimed to avoid overly heavy models that would prove cumbersome on the road, prioritizing ease of handling. A swift setup and takedown process were essential. 

Conventional avenues like dealerships or private sellers rarely offer trial runs. Fortunately, alternative platforms such as RVshare, RVezy, or Outdoorsy provide the option to rent for a weekend. This offers invaluable insight before committing to a purchase.

After trying out various campers, I decided to rent an R-Pod from Outdoorsy, thinking it would suit our Tacoma well. During a week-long road trip, I discovered it didn’t handle as smoothly as I hoped, and the limited visibility was a drawback. 

Opting to rent from Outdoorsy, RVezy, or RVshare proved beneficial as it led me to realize my preference for a pop-up camper for my Toyota Tacoma. This realization prompted me to choose an ALiner as the perfect match for my truck and family.


Choosing a pop-up camper for my Toyota Tacoma was a no-brainer for someone like me who values towing convenience over fancy features. ALiners offer a diverse array of amenities, ensuring you don’t compromise much. 

My decision to go with a pop-up camper has been vindicated; it effortlessly glides behind my Tacoma. When our family inevitably outgrows our ALiner, we’ll gladly explore other pop-up options. It’s reassuring to know there’s a plethora of choices awaiting us in the future.

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