How To Measure For A New RV Awning?

A new RV awning is a fresh and protective covering attached to a recreational vehicle. It offers shade and shelter from the sun, rain, and elements, enhancing outdoor comfort while camping or travelling.

Are you ready to elevate your RV experience with a brand-new awning? Discover the essential steps on how to measure for a new RV awning, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort on your next adventure.

Measuring for a new RV awning involves determining the correct dimensions of your RV’s exterior. This ensures that the awning fits snugly and functions properly when extended. Accurate measurements are crucial for a successful installation.

Awning Fabric Maintenance

Maintaining your RV awning fabric is essential for its longevity and performance. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is recommended. Avoid using harsh chemicals, which can damage the fabric and reduce its water resistance. Inspect your awning regularly for tears or wear, repairing any damage promptly to prevent further deterioration.

To protect your awning, retract it during bad weather. UV protectant sprays can also be applied to the fabric to shield it from sun damage. This will help keep the color vibrant and the material strong, ensuring your awning remains both functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

How To Measure For RV Slide-Out Awnings?

Measuring for an RV slide-out awning is straightforward. First, measure the width of your slide-out from one outer edge to the other. This measurement determines the awning width needed. Then, measure the depth of the slide-out from the RV wall to the outer edge to ascertain the awning’s projection length.

Accuracy is key in these measurements. Ensure the measuring tape is straight and level for precise readings. These dimensions are crucial for selecting the right size awning, ensuring it covers the entire slide-out area without overhanging unnecessarily.

How To Measure RV Awning Arms?

To measure RV awning arms, start by extending the awning fully. Measure the length of the arms from the base at the RV sidewall to the awning roller. This length determines the size of the replacement arms you’ll need.

Measurement PartDetail
Base to RollerLength of the arm
Arm WidthMeasure the thickness
Mounting PointsDistance between brackets

Ensure the awning is secure while measuring to prevent accidents. Double-check each measurement for accuracy, as precise dimensions are vital for a proper fit.

How Do You Measure A Roll-Out RV Awning?

How Do You Measure A Roll-Out RV Awning?

Measuring a roll-out awning involves two main dimensions: the width and the projection. First, measure the width from one end of the awning fabric to the other, not including the roller. This is the width of the replacement fabric or awning.

For the projection, measure from the awning rail on the RV to the tip of the extended awning. This measurement determines how far the awning extends from the RV, important for space planning and usage. Accurate measurements ensure your awning fits perfectly and functions as intended.

Tools and Materials Needed for Measuring

To measure for a new RV awning, you’ll need a few basic tools. A sturdy, retractable measuring tape is essential for accurate measurements. A ladder may be needed to reach higher points safely. Ensure it’s stable and secure before climbing.

You may also need a notepad and pen for recording measurements. A level can help ensure your measurements are straight, particularly for longer distances. Gather these tools beforehand to make the measuring process smooth and efficient.

Ensuring a Perfect Fit for Your New RV Awning

Ensuring a perfect fit for your new RV awning involves double-checking measurements. Measure at least twice to confirm accuracy. Be aware of any obstructions like lights or handles that might affect the awning’s fit or operation. Don’t forget to measure for RV bed lift struts to ensure they’ll fit securely and provide the necessary support for your sleeping area.

Consider the awning type manual or automatic as this can influence the size and fit. Consult with awning professionals if you’re unsure about measurements or types. They can provide valuable advice to ensure a perfect fit for your specific RV model.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Measuring for a New RV Awning

A frequent error in measuring for a new RV awning is not accounting for the full extension of the arms. Always measure the awning arms when they are fully extended to understand the maximum reach of your awning. This ensures that the awning fabric you choose will be neither too short nor excessively long, avoiding awkward gaps or overhangs.

Another common mistake is neglecting the height of the awning. The height from the ground to the awning’s mounting point on your RV impacts how the awning will function and look. Too low, and it could obstruct doors or windows; too high, and it might not provide adequate shade or protection. 

Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New RV Awning

To get the most out of your new RV awning, consider the material and color of the fabric. Lighter colors reflect sunlight and can help keep the area under the awning cooler, while darker colors might fade less over time. Material choices like acrylic or vinyl have different benefits in terms of durability and maintenance. 

Choose based on your typical RV usage and climate. Another expert tip is to invest in additional accessories for your awning. Elements like LED lighting can enhance the usability of your outdoor space at night. Side screens or additional attachments can provide extra shade or protect against wind and light rain, turning your awning into a versatile, multi-functional feature of your RV.


How do I measure the width of an RV slide-out awning?

Measure the width from one outer edge of the slide-out to the other for accurate sizing.

Can I measure my RV awning arms while they are retracted?

Measure the length of the awning arms when fully extended for precise measurements.

What tools do I need to measure for a new RV awning?

You’ll need a measuring tape, ladder, notepad, pen, and a level for accurate measurements.

How do I ensure proper drainage for my RV awning?

Measure the awning in its fully extended state to ensure proper drainage and avoid water pooling.


In a nutshell, measuring for a new RV awning is a straightforward process that ensures a perfect fit for your recreational vehicle. Accurate measurements for slide-out awnings, awning arms, and roll-out awnings are the key to a hassle-free installation. Remember to use the right tools, double-check your measurements, and avoid common mistakes for a seamless experience.

Once you’ve obtained the correct dimensions, you can confidently select the ideal awning for your RV. Whether you’re seeking shade from the sun or protection from light rain, a well-fitted awning can transform your outdoor space into a comfortable retreat. So, go ahead and measure with precision, and enjoy the benefits of your new RV awning to the fullest.

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