How To Keep RV Refrigerator Door Closed While Travelling?

To secure an RV refrigerator door during travel, use a latch or strap designed for this purpose. These safety devices help prevent the door from swinging open while the vehicle is in motion. Make sure to install the latch or strap properly, ensuring a snug fit. Regularly check and maintain the securing mechanism to guarantee it remains effective during your journeys.

Are you tired of your RV refrigerator door swinging open unexpectedly while on the road? Discover simple yet effective solutions on how to keep your RV refrigerator door closed while travelling. Don’t miss out on the peace of mind and convenience these tips can bring to your next adventure.

To remove an RV parked on the street, contact your local authorities or city officials to understand the regulations and process. They can guide you through any required permits or towing services. Follow their guidance to ensure a smooth and legal resolution.

Hardware locks to keep the fridge door closed

Hardware locks to keep the fridge door closed

Hardware locks are essential tools for maintaining the security and integrity of your refrigerator door. These locks come in various designs and are specifically designed to prevent the fridge door from accidentally opening, especially during travel. They provide a reliable solution for keeping your food items and beverages safe, while also preventing spills and messes in your RV.

Most hardware locks, such as the RV Refrigerator Door Closed While Travelling are easy to install and are made of durable materials to withstand the jostling and movement of the vehicle. They offer peace of mind, ensuring that your refrigerator door remains tightly shut, protecting your stored goods throughout your journey.

Preparing Your RV Refrigerator for Travel

Preparing your RV refrigerator for travel is essential to ensure your food stays fresh and your journey is trouble-free. Start by switching to the propane or 12-volt power mode, allowing your fridge to continue cooling while driving. Additionally, secure items inside the refrigerator using bungee cords or fridge bars to prevent spills and maintain efficiency. 

Next, double-check that the door is tightly closed and latched to avoid it swinging open during transit. You can also use specialised refrigerator locks for added security. These simple steps will help you enjoy a worry-free trip with a properly prepared RV refrigerator.

Securing Your RV Refrigerator Door

Securing your RV refrigerator door is crucial to prevent items from falling out and causing a mess during travel. Many RVers use special latches, straps, or locks designed for refrigerators to keep the door securely closed.

These simple yet effective solutions offer peace of mind and help maintain the freshness of your stored food while you’re on the road. By taking this precaution and learning how to switch your RV fridge from electric to propane, you can enjoy a worry-free journey and ensure your refrigerator door remains closed and secure throughout your adventures.

Using Latches and Locks

Securing your RV refrigerator door is vital for a safe journey. Latches and locks are simple yet effective tools to keep your fridge securely closed, preventing spills and spoilage while on the road. Explore these options for peace of mind during your travels.

Dedicated LatchesDesigned for RVs, these latches provide a secure closure. Installation is straightforward.Highly
StrapsAdjustable straps with buckles or Velcro hold the door in place. Easy to attach and remove.Reliable
Adhesive Putty or VelcroTemporary solutions to makeshift a latch. Not as secure as dedicated latches or straps.Handy
Internal BracingPlacing a cushion or wedge inside the door can help brace it, but may not be as reliable.Basic

Bungee Cords and Straps

Bungee cords and straps are handy tools for securing your RV refrigerator door during travel. They provide a simple yet effective solution to prevent unexpected openings. Keep your perishables safe with these versatile accessories.

Magnetic Closures

Magnetic closures provide a convenient solution for securing your RV refrigerator door. These strong magnets ensure the door stays shut during travel, preventing food and drinks from spilling. Enjoy hassle-free storage and peace of mind with magnetic closures.

Understanding the RV Refrigerator Door Mechanism

RV refrigerator doors are a crucial component of your mobile kitchen, ensuring your food stays fresh during your travels. To grasp their operation, it’s important to know that these doors utilise a latch or clasp system, which can be manual or automatic. 

The latch securely seals the door, preventing it from swinging open when the RV is in motion.Many RV refrigerators also come with an automatic locking mechanism that activates when the vehicle starts moving.

This feature provides a layer of safety, ensuring the door remains closed while you’re on the road. Familiarising yourself with your RV’s refrigerator door mechanism is essential to maintain the integrity of your stored food and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

refrigerator door seal?

A refrigerator door seal, often referred to as a gasket, plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency of your fridge. This seal prevents warm air from entering the fridge and keeps the cold air inside, helping your refrigerator maintain the proper temperature.

Over time, refrigerator door seals can wear out or become damaged, causing air leaks and making your fridge work harder to stay cold. To ensure your refrigerator operates efficiently, regularly inspect the seal for cracks, tears, or signs of wear. 

Other ways to keep fridge door closed in an RV

Securing an RV refrigerator door is essential for safe travel. In addition to latches and straps, there are other practical ways to keep the fridge door closed. One option is using adhesive putty or Velcro strips to fasten the door shut temporarily, but this may not be as reliable as dedicated latches. 

Alternatively, placing a wedge or a cushion on the inside can help brace the door against unwanted opening, although it’s important to ensure it won’t damage the fridge’s seal. Ultimately, finding the right method for your specific RV fridge door is crucial for a trouble-free and enjoyable journey.


Can I leave my RV refrigerator on while travelling?

Yes, you can leave your RV refrigerator on while travelling, but it’s important to ensure it’s securely latched to prevent the door from opening during the journey.

How do you travel with a refrigerator?

To travel with a refrigerator, ensure it’s securely latched or strapped down, and either powered by your RV’s battery or generator or pre-cooled before the trip.

Can you travel with a gas fridge running?

It’s generally safe to travel with a gas fridge running in an RV, but it’s advisable to turn it off while refuelling and to ensure proper ventilation for safety.


Ensuring the security of your RV refrigerator door during travel is vital to maintain the freshness and safety of your food supplies. Implementing simple yet effective solutions, such as using dedicated latches or straps, provides peace of mind that your fridge contents will stay put. 

Exploring alternative solutions, like adhesive putty, Velcro strips, or internal bracing, can offer some convenience, though their effectiveness may vary. Always prioritise safety, and consider turning off the fridge while refuelling and providing adequate ventilation to prevent any potential gas-related issues.

Ultimately, the choice of how to keep your RV refrigerator door closed while travelling should align with your specific needs and the design of your refrigerator. Whether you opt for traditional latches or experiment with other methods, the key is to secure your perishables, ensuring they remain fresh, intact, and ready for your journey’s culinary delights.

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