How Much Does It Cost To Paint An RV?

cost to paint an RV it refers to the expenses involved in giving your recreational vehicle a fresh coat of paint. This process can include preparing the surface, choosing the right paint, and applying it to enhance the aesthetic appeal and protect the exterior.

Embarking on the journey to revamp your RV with a fresh coat of paint. The allure of a vibrant exterior awaits, but the burning question remains. How much does it cost to paint an RV? Buckle up as we unveil the answer, navigating through the spectrum of possibilities to ensure your wheels roll in style without breaking the bank.

Considering the cost to paint an RV, it’s essential to weigh the benefits of a professional finish against the savings of a DIY project. The choice of paint quality and colours also contributes to the overall cost, allowing you to customise your RV’s appearance within your budget.

Cost to Paint an Aluminum vs. Fiberglass RV

When contemplating the cost to paint an RV, the choice of materials matters. Painting an aluminium RV typically ranges from $1,500 to $4,000, given the durability of aluminium. Fiberglass RVs, on the other hand, may cost between $2,000 and $5,000 for a paint job, considering the specific preparation and painting requirements of fiberglass surfaces.

Aluminium RVs boast a reputation for durability, making them an excellent choice for longevity. The cost to paint an aluminium RV is influenced by the surface preparation needed and the type of paint used. Fiberglass RVs, known for their lightweight and sleek design, may have a higher painting cost due to the meticulous preparation required to achieve a smooth and even finish.

RV Paint Job Cost Breakdown

Let’s delve into the details of what contributes to the cost of an RV paint job. The breakdown typically includes surface preparation, primer application, paint selection, and labor costs. Surface preparation involves cleaning, sanding, and repairing any damages before painting, with costs ranging from $300 to $800. 

Priming the RV ensures better paint adhesion and may cost between $200 and $500. The type of paint you choose, whether standard or custom, impacts the overall cost, ranging from $1,000 to $4,000. Labour costs play a significant role in the overall expense, varying based on the size and intricacy of your RV. 

Professionals may charge between $50 and $150 per hour, and a complete RV paint job can take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours. Considering these factors collectively, a comprehensive understanding of the cost breakdown is essential for accurate budgeting when planning to paint your RV.

Cost To Paint A Class A, B & C RV

The size and class of your RV also influence the cost of painting. Here’s a breakdown based on the three main classes:

RV ClassAverage Cost Range
Class A$4,000 – $10,000
Class B$3,000 – $8,000
Class C$2,500 – $7,000

Class A RVs, being the largest, generally incur higher costs due to the extensive surface area. Class B and C RVs, being more compact, fall within a slightly lower cost range. Understanding the average costs associated with each class allows RV owners to estimate expenses more accurately based on their specific vehicle type.

How to Find RV Paint Shops Near Me

Locating a reputable RV paint shop is crucial for a successful paint job. Begin by searching online directories, reading reviews, and seeking recommendations from fellow RV enthusiasts. Local RV dealerships may provide valuable insights, and online forums can be a great resource for firsthand experiences.

Finding RV paint shops near you involves a combination of online research and community engagement. Explore customer reviews, ask for recommendations, and gather quotes from multiple shops. This thorough approach ensures that you choose a reliable and skilled professional or service to handle your RV paint job with care and precision.

Cost To Paint A Fifth Wheeler

Painting a fifth-wheel RV follows a similar cost structure as other RV classes but may have unique considerations. The average cost to paint a fifth wheel ranges from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on factors like size, material, and intricacy of the design. As fifth-wheel RVs often have distinct features, such as slide-outs and different surface areas.

Fifth-wheel RVs offer a spacious and versatile living space, and a fresh coat of paint can enhance both aesthetics and protection. When budgeting for a fifth-wheel RV paint job, consider factors like surface preparation, type of paint, and labor costs. This investment can not only improve the visual appeal of your RV but also contribute to its overall maintenance and longevity.

Is RV Full Body Paint Worth It?

Opting for full-body paint on your RV comes with its advantages and considerations. While it can enhance the overall appearance and resale value, it also comes at a higher cost. The average price for full-body paint ranges from $8,000 to $20,000, depending on factors like RV size, complexity of the design, and choice of colors. 

Consider your budget and long-term plans for the RV before deciding whether the additional investment in full-body paint is worth it for your specific needs. Full-body paint offers a seamless and polished look, often resembling high-end motorhomes. It provides added protection against the elements and can be easier to maintain than decals or partial paint jobs.

Can I Paint My RV Myself?

While painting an RV yourself is a possibility, it comes with challenges. DIY painting requires careful preparation, including cleaning, sanding, and masking. Additionally, selecting the right paint and applying it evenly demands skill and experience. The cost to paint an RV yourself can range from $500 to $2,000, primarily comprising the price of materials.

Painting your RV yourself can be a rewarding project, but it’s crucial to assess your skills and the scope of the job. Ensure you have the time, tools, and patience to achieve a professional-looking finish. While DIY can save on labor costs, it’s essential to weigh the potential challenges and consider seeking professional advice or assistance for a successful outcome.

Is It Cheaper To Paint Or Wrap An RV?

Choosing between painting and wrapping your RV involves considering both cost and longevity. While painting provides a permanent finish, it often comes at a higher upfront cost. RV paint jobs range from $2,000 to $20,000, depending on factors like size and complexity. 

On the other hand, RV wraps offer a cost-effective alternative, with prices ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. Wraps also provide flexibility in design changes without affecting the original paint. Deciding whether to paint or wrap your RV depends on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and long-term plans. 

While maintaining the aesthetics of your RV is essential, addressing practical concerns such as get rid of bed bugs in RV is equally important. While painting offers a traditional and durable finish, wraps can provide a protective layer with the added benefit of customization. Consider your priorities and consult with professionals to determine the most cost-effective and visually appealing solution for your RV.


How long does it take to paint an RV?

The duration varies based on size and complexity, ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Can I change the color of my RV during a paint job?

Yes, you can choose a new color during the paint job, providing a fresh look for your RV.

Does the type of paint affect the cost?

Yes, the choice between standard and custom paints influences the overall painting expenses.

Are there DIY options for painting an RV?

Yes, DIY painting is possible, but it requires skill and careful preparation for a professional finish.


Choosing to paint your RV involves careful consideration of factors like material, size, and budget. Whether it’s an aluminum or fiberglass RV, understanding the specific needs and costs associated with each material is crucial. 

The size and class of your RV further contribute to the overall expense, with Class A, B, and C RVs each having their cost range. Exploring options such as full-body paint or wraps adds another layer to the decision-making process. 

Whether you decide on a professional paint job or opt for a DIY approach, the key is to balance your preferences with practical considerations. Wrapping up, the choice between painting and wrapping an RV ultimately depends on your priorities, budget constraints, and the desired longevity and aesthetics for your mobile home.

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